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Anti-Bullying Project Launched in San Diego


Sheryl M Sutton, a local Business Owner launches Bully Busters of  America, a social awareness and educational project that will focus on  the effects of bullying and violence.

Sheryl teamed up with  several very talented colleagues and an attorney to co-author and  publish an extensive study and article dealing with workplace violence  and bullying.  For the full published article See “Bullying in the Workplace: and What to Do About It”. 

Gang Stalking and Bullying


What is Gang stalking? It is the highest form of hate crime and extreme violence toward a targeted person. It is meant to disrupt every aspect of the persons life until they can no longer sustain themselves through covert and severe repeated acts of violence in order to destroy the persons life. Crazy making tactics are used in order to make the victim appear as if they are going crazy (gaslighting) then slandering the person in massive smear campaigns. Switching behavior between crazy and nice. Bullying and covering it up. Then, shaming the victim into silence by calling them names or calling them negative to the public or gaining lynch mobbing campaigns by convincing masses that "she/he just needs to move forward" yet, making it impossible for the targeted person to move forward. The more the victim reports harassment the more the public is told to silence them. 

Stalking, cyber bullying, illegal wire taps, entrapment, invasion of privacy, using false information or fake news that looks real to the public. Taking the victim on a roller coaster of psychological violence. Creating consistent issues that take hours per days to resolve taking the quality of life away from the person while telling people the victim is negative and they just need to move forward with their life as a tactic so that others will attack the person into silence. 

A key factor is isolation from family and friends by destroying the trust in all relationships in order to dominantly control their victim and ultimately continue to deliver violence. 

It is against the law but, often the people who do this are military intelligence types, FBI and others like politicians who are in positions of power. Cults also use this violence to control people into submission through mind control tactics of "gift and abuse cycles" (torture and reward systems) until they gain complete compliance and dominant control over their targeted victim so, that they become desperate for their basic needs is a torture tactic. This is used in military warfare and torture. 

Public humiliation using friends and family to gang up on the targeted victim validates their mission and carries the final blow to the victim which is ganging mentality of ostracizing the victim from society destroying the victims primal ability to fend for themselves. 

CS Lewis once quoted "to publicly humiliate a person with half truths and lies takes away the primal ability of a persons ability to fend for themselves and doing so is to have murdered them" 

A series of gas lighting, ghosting and other tactics used in order brainwash and condition their victim into isolation from family and friends and the use of creating fear creates Stockholm syndrome. Some victims will then attach to their abusers out of desperation through a sequence or torture and fear tactics. This is called bonding with the abuser. Then a reward system to keep them entangled and most of all silent. The goal of gang stalking is to control the victim, render them powerless and isolate them while delivering blow after blow of violence to them. The targeted victim knows they can not fend against military intelligence or law enforcement, FBI types or politicians who target them. Although, it is against the law but, there is no one to uphold the law in these matters which violates all Constitutional Rights. 

Gang Stalking is the highest form of violence. The act of gang stalking is attempted murder. It is called "no touch torture" and defined as "murdering a person without ever touching them." The ultimate goal is to murder their victim without touching them while leaving "no proof", It is also called the "perfect hate crime." Know the signs so that you can help a family member or friend. Sheryl speaks from firsthand experience.

Political Bullying and Gang Stalking


A Dangerous hate crime. Know the signs.   You can make a difference by standing up to injustice. 

Political  Bullying and targeting of citizens.  Gang stalking may not be what you  think it sounds like. It is the highest form of violence and bullying  there is toward a "targeted" citizen. It is on the rise and it can  happen to anyone.  Be aware that this type of violence is often silenced  so well.  It is a hate crime that involves disrupting every aspect of a  targeted persons life in order to completely annhilate them.   It is  carried out by people in power and those with intelligence backgrounds  or politicians who have resources and agencies who can carry out this  horrific hate crime.  The goal is to harm an individual by disrupting  every aspect of their lives through continued covert hostility and is  meant to make the targeted person appear as though they are going crazy  in order silence the person who has become a "targeted" person. It is  called "no touch torture"  designed to murder the victim without ever  touching them.  Be aware of the signs. 

The first indication is  to massively turn the public against the targeted person  by making up  rumors.and character assasination in order to isolate them, turning  friends and family against them or using family members to carry out the  violence  in order to validate their public slander. 

They may  tell the public that the person is being helped or they need to move  forward while making it impossible to even work or function a normal  life taking all quality of life away. They may claim to the public that  they are negative or that they are going crazy (they may falsely use  mental health claims to the public..happens to women more often) that  the targeted person needs help and that they need to " be positive" and  move forward in order to silence them.  While behind the scenes, they  are slowly being destroyed,  delivering blow after blow of violence to  the victim then calling them negative to the public in order to  continuously silence them further so, that they can not report what is  happening to them. 

Do not ignore the signs. Gang stalking is a  serious hate crime usually involving massive effort in cyber bullying,  unlawful wire tapping,  invaision of privacy, entrapment, blackmail,  damaging property, harming them physically but, making it look like an  accident unprovable. 

Unprovable and covert acts that are  consistent to break down the victims quality of life where they can not  work or live a normal life due to consistent violence. It is inhumane.  One woman said, "they murdered us while we were still alive"  Even if  the victim survives the  aftermath of this violence, the long term  damage to the victims health and well being can be detrimental.  This  consistent and relentless violence taking all quality of life away  denying  basic needs including the victims ability to work or sustain  themselves is equal to attempted murder on the victim. 

It is  called "no touch torture" which is designed to murder the victim without  ever touching them through covert and consistent acts of violence to  the point where the victim becomes non functioning.  This is a very  serious hate crime often carried out by people in power.and those who  abuse positions of power.  Cults, Politicians who target citizens to  cover up corruption,   organized crime, law enforcement agencies, FBI  and  those trained in intelligence fields such as military groups, and  those involved in corruption are all groups who use  this type of  expertise in order to silence their victims. Cults, Politicians,  intelligence types and others use tactics for mind control, gas lighting  and other crazy making covert tactics for complete dominance and  compliance over their members or targeted victims.  They use entrapment  campaigns and fake propaganda that looks believable to validate their  claims. They will try to convince family members that your loved one is  going crazy and needs help. This is how they carry out the most violence  is by pitting family members and friends against the targeted victim in  order to damage all relationships leaving the victim devastated and  isolated. They will target family members and friends of victims in  order to isolate the targeted  victim and even bully the family members  or make them fear. A sign that a person is being gang stalked is a  widespread character assasination or lies spread that they are being  helped or that they are losing it or going crazy or are suddenly into  conspiracies.  When in fact they are creating intent to harm through  conspired effort so that no one will believe the targeted  victim.  They  may take false pictures, send men to date the targeted victim, wire tap  phones and release portions of baited conversations, set them up,  sabotage them, surveillance, track them by gps, etc. These types use  massive lynch mob tactics for public humiliation in order to manipulate  friends and family into ganging up on the victim using rumor mills of  believable lies or fake news to the public so that people will go along  with the abuse and violence damaging the trust in all relations removing  the person from any public positions. Bullying them before any event or  causing harm or damage to sabotage them so that they will begin to  isolate themselves  once the victim has regained strength or tries to  move forward they hit them again and again taking all hope and quality  of life away as well as their ability to work or sustain themselves.  Then, they are chastised and told they are not moving foward which is  part of the gaslighting and crazy making methods to psychlogically  debilitate and  completely destroy any possibility for the targeted  victim to survive basic needs or to live a quality life. This type of  violence is on the rise.

Sheryl Sutton was the witness who  appeared on CNN news in the national scandal that took our Mayor out of  office for political abuse of power. She was never against anyone nor  did she want to be a witness.  She became a politically targeted person  and her life was destroyed to cover up the truth.

After Sheryl  appeared on National News as a witness in the scandal that took our  Mayor out of office for abuse of power and corruption there were several  women including herself who were brutalized, publicly humiliated with  lies and publicly destroyed for telling the truth about the injustices  they had endured.  The truth was quickly silenced.  The women were  seeking help from public officials who protected the violence against  them.  Sheryl became a targeted person.  Sheryl went from being a well  known business woman and community leader to being harrassed repeatedly  in order to silence her. They public was lied to in a massive smear  campaign in order to silence her.   She was ganged up on by politicians  and her life ruthlessly destroyed in order to silence her about what  happened to her. They used her family and harmed them as a vendetta  toward Sheryl.  Sheryl soon learned what money, power and corruption can  buy. No matter how she tried to tell the truth about what was happening  her the entire city believed the fake news and people were turned  against her by politicians and business partners who wanted to silence  her.

People who target and gang stalk often have the political  power, money,  resources and the use of sophisticated private  investigators to dig up partial truths that seem true and even stage  pictures, use portions of baited conversations to twist truths or false  propaganda to destroy the reputation of the targeted victim in order to  build a case to make it look like the person is going crazy or to smear  their reputation so, that the public will believe the lies in order to  completely annhilate the targeted person with the goal of  removing them  from society while isolating them which us the highest form of  psychological violence there is.   

Sheryl was told to move after  she confronted the violence while she was very ill and injured   When  Sheryl could not move after confronting the issue publicly...things  began to get worse. It is also important to understand that gang  stalkers work state to state with access the law enforcement and other  agencies so you may be placed on a targeted list which means that moving  will not resolve the issue.  A gang stalker wants to run the person out  of their life. If they move they will experience further isolation and  often continue to be harrassed. It is very important for the public to  know this.  If a person is being gang stalked support them but, do not  suggest moving until they are safe and the only way to be safe is for  the public to stand up to the violence with the victim.  What happened  to Sheryl was not only inhumane, it caused a lifetime of damage to  Sheryl and her family.  The people involved in this violence knew that  over time that the repeated violence would cause her health to fail and  that she would not be able to survive. The long term damage to a persons  health and well being is often so severe it can cause death.  When  Sheryl tried to assert herself by standing up to the violence she  experienced contiuous violence and severe bullying at a level that most  do not survive without the skill level and experience. The only reason  Sheryl has survived is because of her training.  Imagine an entire city  attacking you based on lies and fake news.  Imagine that you no way to  defend yourself against this type of violence and tyrrany while every  law is being broken and every constitutional law is evaded while no one  protects your rights and no one will because you have been secretly  blacklisted. 

Imagine being treated horrible everywhere you go  for no reason at all except group think lies and gang stalking tactics  that went to the public when you were once a well known and liked in  your community.  Imagine not being able to work or sustain yourself from  consistent bullying, harassment and covert hostility.  Imagine being  consistently violated in all aspects of your life while you are losing  your health, your ability to work, your ability to see your parents.   Imagine that your life is being destroyed with lies and your quality of  life is taken from you while you are being mischaracterized and called  every name in the book from "negative to self serving" which is the  opposite of who you are with every lie being conjured up and you do not  have any way to defend yourself because your credibility was destroyed  publicly to suppress the truth.  Imagine that you made a difference in  your community for years serving the public  truth is that you have  served the public well and you are a good solid person only to be erased  as though  you never existed.  Imagine people scolding you like you  were a child based on the lies they believed with their elementary "be  positive" messages making assumptions that you are not positive. It is  important to know the signs of community ganging and what to do about  it.  Our culture must make changes in these areas of revictimizing and  the sheer ignorance of shaming people who are targets of violence. 

Awareness and knowledge can help to save lives.  Imagine if you went  from being a well known business woman and community leader,  a  motivational coach and trainer,  a public speaker that made your  community a better place and over night you are cast out as something  you are not without any way to defend yourself.  Imagine that you have  just been erased from your life. Imagine for one moment the private  pallace of pain and silent desperation of an innocent persons life being  destroyed without any way for justice to ever be served for the  lifetime of damage that was done. 

Sheryl shares her experience  in order to help others. Targeted bullying and Gang stalking is a  growing issue.  You wont often hear about it because most do not survive  to talk about it.   Gang Stalking is meant to murder the victim without  touching them. It is a very serious life threatening hate crime that  can end someones life. Make sure that you are careful not to attack  others based on massive smear campaigns. You can help by supporting the  person in numbers. Awareness and knowlege can help save lives.  Targeting,  bullying, political targeting or gang stalking are violent  acts which evade the law and are against the Constitutional Rights of  individiuals. It is very important to educate yourselves and your family  members. This crime is at all time high and is a growing issue. 

Know the signs, you could save someones life.