Bully Busters of America


Bully Busters of America is an awareness project that was launched in San Diego,CA focusing on the dynamics of bullying, violence, and how to deter it. Bullying is a growing and widespread issue that is plaguing our businesses, our children and our communities at an alarming rate. It is affecting our quality of life in America. We must take an active role in creating the necessary social change through education and programs for zero tolerance in order to deter the growing issue of bullying in our communities.  Let take back our communities for a better America and make a difference in the world around us.  Together let’s make America kind.

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Bully Busters of America will focus on the current  issues within  our society that are causing our country and social system to break  down. Bullying is plaguing our society and breaking down our way of life  in America.  We will identify the systemic challenges  that Americans  face today and what can be done. 

Together,  let's take back our communties in order to create a better America.  Please join me.